Activated Alumina AA400G 14X28

Product Features

  • Aluminum QQ-A-225/5 OR /6
  • Low Cost
  • No Disposal Concerns
  • No Pressure Drop
  • Certified to ANSI NSF61

Product Specifications

  • Loss on ignition (300-1000°C) : 7%
  • Total pore volume : 0.5 cm3/g
5 Lb Pail
SKU: AA400G1805
10 Lb Pail
SKU: AA400G1810
50 Lb Box
SKU: AA400G1850
1544 Lb Super Sack
SKU: AA400G181554


Potable Water and a Cleaner Environment.

  • Lowest cost per 1,000 gallons generated by high capacity and low cost per cubic foot.
  • Robust material will not deteriorate with backwash.
  • Works across a broad range of water chemistries.
  • Iron levels do not affect the arsenic capacity.
  • Landfillable, disposable without any hazardous wastes.
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI standard 61, and successfully completed an EPA ETV project.

Fluoride & Arsenic Removal for Water Treatment

  •  ActiGuard® Fluorograde is an adsorbent of metals including fluoride from
  • potable water. Regeneration is normally used to operate at the most cost efficient
  • levels.
  • ActiGuard® Fluorograde is used to simultaneously lower fluoride and arsenic to
  • acceptable levels in one treatment.

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