Activated Carbon Granular Coconut Shell Based 12X40

Product Features

  • Coconut Shell based
  • 12X40 mesh for vapor phase applications.
  • Carbon Tetrachloride Activity
  • High hardness for long life expectancy.
  • Moisture less than 2%
  • Highly developed pore structure.
  • High adsorption capacity and efficiency.
  • Chemically stable.
1 Lb Bag
SKU: ACG12X40-1
5 Lb Pail
SKU: ACG12X40-5
10 Lb Pail
SKU: ACG12X40-10
30 Lb Box
SKU: ACG12X40-30
75 Lb Drum
SKU: ACG12X40-75


Coconut shell activated carbon is manufactured to remove gaseous pollutants. It is used as a general-purpose adsorption of VOCs and odors in air streams. It can also be used as filtration for industrial laser exhaust. 12X40 coconut shell activated carbon is ideally suited to the removal of low molecular weight compounds present in low to medium concentrations.

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