DS 600 Molecular Sieve

Product Features

  • Density of 60 lbs. per cu. ft.
  • 80% Greater Service Life
  • 2,500 pounds per square inch crush strength
  • Substantially less dust
  • Reduced net static air pressure
1 Cu Ft
SKU: DS600-1
3 Cu Ft
SKU: DS600-3
5 Cu Ft
SKU: DS600-5


DS-600 is the best at removing corrosive acid gasses, fumes, odors and other airborne contaminants.. DS-600, a molecular sieve saturated with potassium permanganate, was created to oxidize gaseous pollutants such as:

  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Ethylene
  • Mercaptans
  • Various aldehydes and alcohols.

DS-600, 6% Potassium Permanganate Saturated Molecular Sieve: is extremely efficient when used properly in air dryers, scrubber tanks, compressor tanks, exhaust systems, computer rooms, general HVAC applications, and fresh fruit, vegetable and flower storage & transportation, DS-600 oxidizes impurities more proficiently and provides an extended life over other simular products.

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