Gas Phase-Air Filtration Media

Media that senses corrosion in products like computers and transmitters and lowers the deteriorating effects of pollutants.

The importance of Gas Phase / Air Filtration

A number of chemical reactions result in the formation of corrosive gases or what we call as pollutants. A few corrosive gases can be sensed by human beings while a few others can be detected by performing chemical tests only. These gases do more harm than good for equipment, whether it is computers, control rooms, other installations and company assets, etc. When these gases react with the room temperature and humidity, they start deteriorating all these items with in the area. There are chances that this deterioration is quick and dramatic in few cases while it can be slow and subtle in others, but all in all these gases result in loss and trouble for your organization as there is increase of unnecessary capital expenditure.

It is important that you are able to sense these conditions in advance and install gas phase control media. The corrosive gasses can comprise of computers, transmitters, receivers and switch gears etc. You need to closely observe if corrosion is occurring at the contact points of electrical connectors or if there is an increase in the electrical failure. If any of these conditions are observed, it means your equipment is suffering from corrosion.

The second method of analyzing corrosion is by using a corrosion coupon. Such coupons are easily available in the market and are generally have a silver/copper strip placed on a Plexiglas holder. All you need to do is place these coupons in the area where your equipment is located. When they are completed, send them to the proper lab and they can determine the level of pollutants present in your work environment. According to instruments society of America, there are four types of environment possible according to the corrosive coupons- mild, moderate, harsh and severe. The ideal situation would be to have a mild atmosphere but in case some other condition is detected, one can install a gas phase / air filter to lower the deteriorating effects of pollutants.

In order to help you identify gas pollutants in your work environment and to assist you in placing the best air filtration media, our company “Delta Adsorbents” is here for you. We can also help you increase the life and durability of your equipment and installations by providing the most appropriate pollutant gas removal media. Our company stocks gas phase control media and air filtration media.