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Absorbent Pads, Socks, and Pillows

OSHA Standard 1910.22(a)(1)

“The floor of every workroom shall be maintained in a clean and, so far is possible, a dry condition. Where wet processes are used, drainage shall be maintained, and false floors, platforms, mats, or other dry standing places should be provided where practicable.”

The cost of workman’s compensation insurance is going up and up; reducing accidents are critical to keep premiums from rising off the charts and the costs related to employees unable to work due injury.

On average an employee will be absent for 10 days after a slip and fall accident. ~ Bureau of Labor Statistics

The use of mats and drainage is only half the solution when dealing with a variety of liquids; absorbent pads, socks, and pillows contain leaks before they become a problem…providing a first line of defense in preventing hazards in the workplace.

Gray Universal Absorbent Sock 3 inch x 48 inch – Form-fits around machinery and drums to retain seepage.

Black Heavy-Weight Absorbent Drum Top – Dimple bonded to quicken the rate of absorbing liquid.

Universal Heavy-Weight Absorbent Pad & Universal Streetfyter Heavy-Weight Absorbent Pads – For use around machines, protect shelving, cleaning up spills on counters, floors, and more.

Universal Absorbent Pillows & Pillow-in-a Pan Kits – For convenient use under machinery to contain a variety of liquid spills.

Oil-Only Double-Weight White Absorbent Pads – Absorbs any oil or hydrocarbon

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