Sorbead Air

Adsorbents developed for extensive control against humidity and moisture in a diverse amount of industries such as automotive, chemical, packaging, electrical, and more.

Available Types of Sorbead


Sorbead silica gel desiccant is an adsorbent developed for extensive control against humidity and moisture.  Sorbead is design to extend the life time of an assortment of procedures and product quality. These amazingly effective alumino-silicate gels are hard round globules with an extreme resistance to being pulverized and are slow to erode.

Sorbead has for years demonstrated its reputation in a diverse amount of systems and facilities; it has been an extremely successful adsorbent utilized in gas and steel production, chemical, and automotive industries in addition to the packaging market, and electrical and power stations; just about every industry.

Sorbead® properties are distinctive, its pore size and large active surface area allow for exceptional adsorption and drying capability which, together with the beaded shape, resistance to abrasion, low restoration temperatures and a longer life span provide for increased effectiveness due to decreased energy consumption, reduced operational costs, and elevated operational safety due to its design.