Dry Kits for Boats & RV's

Controls moisture in your Boat or RV to prevent mold and mildew in places where water damage can occur easily.

Dry Kits for Storing Boats, RV’s, Automobiles & More.

Buying a Boat or RV is a big investment. Protect them when you need to put them away for the season. When storing your Boat or RV, it is important to control moisture to prevent mold and mildew.  Beware that leaks can take place anywhere there is not a tight seal such as a windshield, skylight, or near the bathroom/kitchen area. Of course, with boats, water damage can occur everywhere.  If possible, before putting them away for storage, clean the inside with some type of mold inhibitor spray (safe for vinyl, cloth fabric and their binding), examine all caulking and seals for cracks or leaks, remove gear for washing and place desiccant packets and activated carbon to control mold, mildew and odor.

By following the steps above, when the season begins, you should be able to go fairly easily.  Once you take it out of storage, follow the list below to be on your way.

Allow good air circulation. Make sure you open all windows and doors on the RV and take off covers from boats and let the sun shine on it.
Evaluate trouble spots and attack the source. When you treat the surface only, you may not stop the mold and mildew from growing. Problems such as water soaking through the carpet, will probably require pulling up a section to allow the affected area to be treated. If the moisture remains, so will the bacteria.
Do an exceptional cleaning on the bathroom/kitchen areas. Make sure to scrub refrigerator, sinks, toilet, and shower along with gear boxes to remove mold and mildew.
Use dry kits containing desiccant packets and activated carbon with enclosed areas such as gear boxes, refrigerators, and storage closets to control future moisture buildup. Corrosion inhibitors may help too.