Oxygen Absorbers

Used primarily to remove oxygen in food packaging to prevent bacteria or fungi growth.

Available Types of Oxygen Absorbers

There is more to food preservation than simply choosing the right packaging. Plastic packaging of food contains oxygen, which causes color change, oil breakdown and spoilage, or fungi growth. The successful removal of oxygen from plastic packaging is achieved by using oxygen absorbers that remove the opportunity for bacteria or fungi growth. The use of oxygen absorbers is a safe choice for use in food packaging. The oxygen levels are reduced to less than 0.01%, and the product will remain fresh for long term food storage. Oxygen absorbers are FDA GRAS rated, and they are safe for use with food and food related products. Different designs are available for correctly matching the water content in packaged foods. This helps to keep dry goods and moist goods perfectly safe without mold or mildew growth. The use of vacuum packaging can squeeze the food product and smash the internal contents. Using an Oxygen Absorber available in packets or a roll form reduces this expensive measure. The dependable use of the Oxygen Absorber is a safe, low cost, and easy to use solution for food safety and long term food storage.