Humidity Indicator Cards

Used to detect and control humidity levels within a number of packaging materials.

In order to control humidity levels in sealed packaging, it is necessary to use a Humidity Indicator Card (HIC). These cards are inexpensive and versatile, with the capability of detecting humidity within a number of packaging materials, including MIL Spec (MIL-I-8835). In addition to serving as humidity meters, these cards allow for visual verification of the product and can be used in conjunction with a desiccant.

A Humidity Indicator Card is designed to be moisture-sensitive and is embedded with the base chemical cobalt (III) chloride. The card will remain blue when humidity levels stay below the indicated RH level. When humidity levels rise above the indicated RH, the chemical has a reaction and turns to pink.

An HIC can help control humidity in a number of contexts. The 30%, 40%, and 50% cards comply specifically with MS 20003-2, while the 5%, 10%, and 15% cards are cleared for use with JEDEC Standard 033. For JEDEC Standard 033B, the 5%, 10%, and 60% are all approved. The United States Military uses humidity meters with Specification Mil-I-8835A, while semiconductor settings can utilize cards specified for use in J-STD-033, as per the standard developed between the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council and IPC.

  • Indicate humidity conditions in various types of barrier packaging
  • Often used in conjunction with a desiccant
  • Allow instant visual verification of product integrity
  • Approved for MIL – I – 8835 applications
  • Spots turn from Blue to Pink to indicate humidity levels