OrganoClay Water Filtration Media

A high surface area Zeolite based material perfect for water filtration and absorbing harmful contaminants.

Organoclay, Water Filtration Media

Organoclay products are Zeolite based. Zeolite is a volcanic material with specific characteristics that make it perfect for water filtration. The structure of Zeolite has extensive surface area and the shape is almost like a honeycomb, with open areas within a strong framework. These open frames keep the structure itself intact and prevents it from changing size or shape under different conditions.  Zeolite molecules naturally absorb harmful contaminants while allowing beneficial materials such as sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium (which are also known electrolytes).

DS 200 Organoclay Water Treatment Media

Eliminates oil, heavy metals and comparable organics. DS-200 series lifespan inside a still bed canister is significantly longer than other water treatment process media, for example, granular activated carbon, because DS-200 series is able to absorb up to 70% of its weight in hydrocarbons.

DS-250AC Organoclay Water Filtration Media

Created to remove oil, heavy metals and similar organics from water. DelSorbs’ DS-250-AC is a 50/50 blend by volume of DS-200 and 6×12 mesh coconut shell activated carbon. Product density is 43-45 pounds per cubic foot.

DS-270 Organoclay Water Filtration Media

Able to remove oil and similar organics from water. DelSorbs’ DS-270 is a 30/70 blend by volume of DS-200 and 8 x 30 mesh anthracite coal.