Benefits of Silica Gel Desiccant Packets

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Desiccant Packets

Absorption is when one substance joins with another substance.  The substances change as they interact with one another.    Adsorbing is when one substance sticks to the surface of another but they each remain the same.  Each substance keeps its original character.  Adsorption is the action that happens when using a desiccant.  Desiccants remove moisture and slow down the processes that can spoil food or develop mold and odors on surfaces.

Moisture is the water or other liquid that is present in the air.  The moisture floats as a gas until those liquids gather onto a surface.  On surfaces, the moisture returns to a liquid state and can be absorbed by foods, paper or other goods.  When that liquid collects onto products, a chemical reaction happens that will damage materials.   In order to maintain the quality of foods, technology, paper goods or other valuable items, it is important to minimize the moisture on the surface of these items.

Silica Gel Desiccant Beads (SIO2) are made from a single silicon atom joined with two oxygen atoms.  This combination is found in small pieces of sand and large stones and are very efficient at adsorbing moisture.  When these atoms are processed into Silica Gel Desiccant Beads, they contain millions of pores that will hold moisture.  This adsorption process allows the silica and the moisture to stay separate.  The beads hold up to 40% of their own weight in moisture.  The moisture fills the pores and does not allow moisture to reach the surface of your product.  Silica gel desiccant beads can be crucial to maintaining the integrity of your valuable products such as paper goods, food products and leather merchandise.

The beads can be used in large quantities or can purchased as pre-made Silica Gel Desiccant Packets.   These packets allow easy, clean and safe packaging.  All products can benefit from adding the packets to your production system. Whether storing or shipping, Silica-Gel Desiccant Packets are an affordable and efficient way to guarantee a longer life for products.  The benefits of Silica Gel Desiccant Packets go beyond protecting the product during transport to your customers. Customers can continue to use the silica gel desiccant packets for personal use.  Here are some examples of reusing silica gel desiccant packets.

At Home:

  • Protect collectables, small and large including ornaments, coin collections and other valuable stored items
  • Add to file cabinets to preserve papers
  • Storing hearing aids and other technology storage… computer cases!
  • Set near windows to keep the condensation from warping the wooden frames
  • Add to picture storage boxes to ensure the retention of color
  • Place in the bottom of wet boots and shoes
  • Add to clothes hampers or set into lockers where clothes are stored

In the Workplace:

  • In desk drawers to preserve files and contents
  • In garbage cans
  • In tool drawers
  • In and near computer/technology storage areas

During Recreation and Hobby Time:

  • Sewing baskets to keep needles rust-free
  • Tackle boxes and tool boxes
  • Storage containers with seeds from the garden
  • Boat, motorcycle, backroad vehicle storage areas

Silica Gel Desiccant packets will need to be restored to continue to adsorb efficiently.  To reactivate the silica gel it needs to be heated.   The heat will cause moisture to change into a gas and move the atoms into the atmosphere.   Since the beads and the liquid have each retained their original chemical nature, the water will leave the pores when heated.  The silica gel packets are ready to be used again to help remove moisture and protect your products.