Commercial Uses of Silica Gel Bags

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Rusty Tools

Silica gel bags are extremely useful for the preservation of many items. Hence, they are widely used in industrial and commercial settings. If you stop a moment and think, you’ll realize the most common place to find these small packets is inside of pill bottles. And for good reason! They help keep the moisture out of the bottle. Thus, they not only keep the pills from sticking together, but this also helps preserve the potency of the medication.

Let’s take a look at some other common industrial uses of silica gel bags.

Fresh Food

Think back to the last time you bought foods such as pepperoni, bacon bits, etc. There was surely a silica gel packet inside the package. They are most generally used for foods that lack moisture. When the silica gel is placed inside, it not only limits mold growth, but it also prolongs the item’s shelf life. If these packets weren’t utilized for packaging such foods, they would begin to grow mold and go bad much sooner than they currently do. Another common place you’ll find these bags in the food industry is when they are used with sugary confection items, as well as dried fruit and other dried meats.

Clothing Shipping and Storage

Clothing can absorb moisture and take on a musty smell. For this reason, manufacturers include silica gel packets when shipping boxes of clothing and other materials, especially leather, to stores. You’ll also find one of these gel packs inside every new shoe box for the same reason. This is useful in case the boxes of clothing get wet from rain or other leaks during shipping and warehouse storage. Or, if they are being stored in a humid or wet geographic location.

Document Preservation

Regardless how you try to store documents, it seems water or moisture always makes its way into the box. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to include a silica gel packet in the storage container. Not only will it prevent the paper documents from becoming musty, but it will also ensure that the ink remains in place on the paper. The same goes for photos. Hence, silica gel bags are commonly used by libraries, offices, and other professional settings where it’s necessary to store large amounts of paperwork and other important documents.

Prevents Tools from Rusting

Mechanics and other professionals who have large amounts of tools can tell you just how quick they’ll rust if left unprotected. However, even if you take all the right steps, this can still occur the moment water, condensation, or just plain moisture become present. Therefore, many of these types of professionals will throw a silica gel bag or two inside their toolbox. It’s also common for tool manufacturers to include them inside the boxes when shipping the products to stores.

As you can see, there are many great silica uses. Regardless why you need silica gel bags, be sure to check out Delta Adsorbents. We specialize in bulk orders for commercial use, and offer a wide range of humidity control products.