Effectiveness of Powdered Molecular Sieve

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Molecular sieve desiccants are used for the drying of liquids and gas.   Molecular sieves, sometimes referred to as mole sieves, have a crystalline structure of metal aluminosilicates.   This creates uniform cavities for adsorption of water and the size of the adsorbed molecular is dependent on the on the size of the molecular sieve used.

Molecular Sieves are available in a variety of such as 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X, and 3A EDG which is specifically formulated for adsorption of ethanol.  They are also available in a couple of forms; spherical and powered.  Molecular sieve beads are used in numerous industrial applications and included in filtration systems such as gas streams and breathing equipment.  The powder form has higher dispensability and can adsorb molecules more quickly than molecular sieve spheres.

Powdered Molecular Sieves are used in specialized applications.   Because of its formless shape, it can be used as an additive to products such as paint and polymers to remove moisture and air bubbles.  The powder form of molecular sieves can be mixed with active ingredients to help reduce moisture from the air.   Product such as sealants and adhesives can be compromised if moisture is introduced and the use of powered molecular sieves in the manufacturing process can help prevent degradation of the final product.  Due to the high efficiency to remove moisture from the air, powdered molecular sieve should be stored until use.

The ease of use and efficiency compared to other adsorption systems makes molecular sieves a popular solution for removing moisture. Contact the experts at Delta Adsorbents and let them help you find the right moisture control product for your application.