Where Can I Buy Silica Gel Packets or in Bulk?

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Silica gel is incredibly useful in controlling humidity in everything from shoeboxes to museums. Whether you’re looking for silica gel for personal or commercial use, you can turn to several purchase outlets. Most people first turn to big box stores like Walmart or Home Depot. But you can easily get them directly from desiccant suppliers.

What is Silica Gel?

Silica gel is a tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and chemically inert substance that absorbs water. There are many benefits but basically, it’s a very clean and safe way to control humidity. Chances are you’ve encountered several silica uses in everyday life. You know those little white packets that come in delivery boxes or medicine bottles? Those are silica gel packets meant to keep the surrounding area fresh and mildew-free.

Most Popular Types of Silica Gel Desiccant

Silica gel is most commonly recognized in packet form, but it also comes in bulk. Here are the most popular types of silica gel and packaging:


Where Can I Buy Silica Gel Packets?

You can often find silica gel packets at some local hardware and hypermarkets like Home Depot or Walmart. However, even these ‘superstore prices’ are higher than buying directly from a desiccant supplier. Plus, you will have many more options with a desiccant supplier including packet size and unit count.

Chances are you will get more for less by buying straight from a desiccant distributor. If you’re worried you’ll end up with more than you can use, don’t be. There are so many silica uses, you’ll be ordering more before you know it. You’ll find yourself putting them in your pantry, closets, shoes, tackle boxes, picture boxes, seasonal clothing boxes, boat, RV, and more!

Where Can I Buy Silica Gel in Bulk?

If you need silica gel for commercial purposes, don’t bother with local hardware stores or supermarkets. You should go directly to a desiccant distributor; they’ll offer the best price for bulk quantities. Whether you have a small online shop or a huge industrial factory, they are your best bet. Plus, they can advise you on which products are best for your industry.

Common silica uses in bulk:

  • Product packaging (clothing, medicine, electronics, fresh produce, etc.)
  • Humidity control systems (residential, commercial, and industrial)
  • Manufacturing systems (prevent mechanical failure from moisture)
  • Document protection (libraries, museums, stored files, etc.)


Silica Gel Suppliers

Delta Adsorbents has been distributing silica gels and other humidity control solutions since 1969. We can give you the best value for all your humidity control needs, whether personal or commercial. You can place an online order nowsubmit an RFQ for custom orders, or Contact Us for more information.