9 Residential Uses of Silica Gel Bags

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In industrial settings, silica is used for protecting machinery, materials, fresh produce, medications, and much more against humidity. You can apply that same humidity control and prevention to your home and office. All you need is a supply of silica gel bags.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly you find uses for them!

#1 Preserve Collectibles
If you like to collect items such as sports cards, comic books, and so on, these little packets can not only keep the musty smell out but they also preserve them for long-term keeping.

#2 Prolong the Life of a Razor
Most people agree that their razor deteriorates pretty fast and the reason for this is excess moisture. Even if you wipe the blade dry after use, you can generally never get all the moisture out. However, if you keep your razor sitting near a silica gel packet, it’ll absorb the moisture and your razor will last longer.

#3 Dry Electronics After Exposure to Water
Have you ever dropped your phone or earbuds in water? Having silica packs nearby will help soak up the excess water present inside the electronic item. All you have to do is simply place the item in a airtight bag with a few of these little packets and your device should be dry within a day or two.

#4 Prevents Rust
If you keep a lot of tools in your truck for work then you know moisture can enter your toolbox and cause your tools to rust. To prevent this, throw a couple of silica gel packets in your toolbox. Replace them regularly depending on how humid your local climate is.

#5 Seed Storage
Are you a seasonal gardener? If you keep all spare seeds inside an airtight container with a few silica gel packets, you can prevent moisture or mold from destroying your seeds.

#6 Storing Important Documents
Companies must keep certain documents for a specified amount of years. This means the documents must be stored properly to preserve them. The same goes for personal documents that you want to keep long term. Drop one or two silica gel packets into your filing cabinet, file boxes, keepsake boxes, and even photo boxes.

#7 Extend the Life of a Pumpkin
After you’ve spent hours carving a pumpkin, it’s always sad to see them begin to rot so quickly. You can slow the decay process and prevent mold from growing inside by placing one gel packet inside the pumpkin. The same is true for your everyday produce. If fruits and vegetables seem to turn too quickly, store them with a silica gel packet. They are completely food safe as long as the packet doesn’t tear open.

#8 Keep Guns and Ammo from Rusting
Anyone who owns or sells guns knows all too well how fast guns and ammo can rust. These same people also know how expensive guns can be, so it’s vital to protect your investment any way you can. You can place a few silica gel packets where they are safely stored to soak up moisture and prevent rust.

#9 Remove Musty Smell from Books
If you have a musty book, simply place it in a bag with a few silica packets for several days. The smell will disappear! If you have a box of books in storage, you should toss in a couple of silica gel packets to prevent mildew and musty smells.

Bonus Use: Gym Bags!
Silica gel packets can help remove excess moisture from your gym bag. They will help control those sweaty gym smells and prevent mold from growing!

Uses of Silica Gel Bags for You

As you can see, there are many great uses of silica gel bags. They are a great item to keep on hand both at home and at the office. If you are looking to purchase in bulk for residential or office use, check out Delta Adsorbents. We offer quality humidity-control products that we deliver straight to your door!