Activated Alumina Desiccant Balls for Removing Moisture

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Removing Moisture with Activated Alumina Desiccant

At all times and especially in coastal areas, you can almost feel the moisture in the air. For this reason, we have seen the introduction of dehumidifiers as this looks to dry the air around us. If you want to prevent the chances of corrosion, contamination, or even the formation of ice, there are a number of requirements that need to be meet for the air and gases to be dried. This is something we are going to address in more detail today.
Activated Alumina Desiccant – When drying air, Alumina is a superb solution and it starts with the dehydroxylation of aluminum hydroxide. After being crafted into balls, they have a large surface area in addition to being porous. With this in mind, it can be used for numerous other tasks including the purification of water. With each ball, you have a material that can hold large amounts of moisture without affecting its main form. After crossing water there is no chemical reaction. It is shock-resistant and there is also no physical reaction which would normally lead to swelling or disintegration.
Chemical Industry – As many companies need to remove moisture or purify liquids, they tend to go for Activated Alumina. As mentioned, the balls are highly porous and they can work under a number of different conditions regardless of whether they are static or always changing.
F200 Activated Alumina – Within the topic of Activated Alumina, you have different types and F200 is perhaps the most popular of these. Using a smooth sphere surface, they remain strong throughout the drying process and are never affected by the liquid or gas. Since they also avoid the segregation process, channeling is minimalized and can lead to more effective regeneration and results. Nowadays, it is widely used for a variety of different air and gas drying procedures. Due to its strength, lack of change when in contact with substances, large surface area, and many other factors, most companies choose F200 Activated Alumina. Furthermore, it is cost effective since they regenerate and can be ready for use not long after reaching maximum capacity. With less involvement from the end user, they can still meet the intended requirements.
Applications – As mentioned, Activated Alumina can be found in numerous industries, niches, and businesses today and here are just some of them;
  • Widely used across the chemical industry
  • Compressed air and supersonic wind tunnel
  • Compression as well as the production of plants, LNG, and LPG
  • Naphtha cuts, aromatic objects, and cracked gas
  • Drying gas, air separation plants, rare gases, oxygen, hydrogen, CO2, and nitrogen

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