Battery Acid Spill Kit-New Product Launch

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Battery Acid Spill Kit

OSHA 1910.178(G)(2)

‘Facilities must furnish a contingency plan in the event a spill should take place if using batteries containing electrolyte/battery acid.’ ~ United States Department of Labor


Workplace protection considerations:

  • To prevent contact to skin, there are various types of personal protection such as face shields, goggles, gloves, and aprons available.
  • If a battery acid contact should occur, immediate action is required to flush the area to minimize the burning or irritation of flesh. (See the National Safety Council’s Treating Burns)
  • Depending on severity, burn may require urgent emergency care.
  • Containing a spill is critical as well to avoid additional exposure by: evacuating any unnecessary personnel, wearing protective gear, providing adequate ventilation, and identifying the chemical to properly neutralized any adverse effects for disposal under the guidelines of local, state, and federal protocols.
  • The use of absorbent pads and socks along with neutralizing agents will effectively handle the job.

While the incident rate for chemcal burn accidents are comparibly lower than other workplace traumas (reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014 Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses) being prepared is not only required by law, it can be the difference in harboring the dangers of a battery acid spill within the workplace environment.



Battery Acid Spill Kit, Specialty Spill Control

All the necessary items to contain a battery acid spill in one kit

Items are enclosed within a handy easy-to-be-seen red carrying case

Perfect for use within garages, forklift containment areas, battery housing locations, etc.

Also useful in cleaning-up dry cell battery mishaps

(1) 1.89 liter KOLOR-SAFE (neutralizes acid)

(1) 28.4 grams AQUALOCKIT polymer

(10) hazmat pads (30cm x 30cm)

(1) pair of nitrile gloves, (1) splash goggles, and (1) poly apron

(1) trigger spray, (1) measure with removable scraper and (1) disposal bag and twist enclosure.