How to Manage Rust, Mold and Mildew

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Rust, mold, mildew odor; these are the things that owners find troublesome. The presence of such is not only a sight we want to eradicate but also a threat to the structure we care about. If you own a boat, a storage house, an RV or even in your own home, you might be scrambling on how to manage that rust, mold and mildew problem. In order to avoid the presence of these unwanted and dangerous health hazards, it is best to practice prevention.

Prevention is the easiest way to keep your household away from any form of rust, mold or mildew. Since rust is a product of corrosion, it is best to keep all metal materials in your home in their proper state such as providing some paint to metal surfaces that need to be covered. In that way, rust will not form even if water is in contact with the metal product. Rust is therefore prevented from growing.

When it comes to mold and mildew, it is best to know what causes these to appear in some of your household areas. Molds are types of microscopic fungi that grow in the form of multi-cellular filaments called hyphae. Mildew is basically known as the growth of molds. Both are dangerous to human health since they can cause allergies and respiratory infections. To prevent mold and mildew, it is necessary to keep areas in your home away from moisture. Household materials must be kept in their proper storage areas away from the contamination of water and moisture. Keeping the house properly heated during the cold and wet season can also prevent the presence of mold and mildew on walls and ceilings.

So what if you’ve got the three?

No need to crunch numbers, most owners do not find the presence of rust, mold and mildew a welcoming sight in their own homes. Aside from it being an eyesore, the presence of these three are also potential threats to your properties structure and to your health as well. Rust, for example, when it accumulates to any iron structure causes corrosion. Corrosion causes the metal to disintegrate, and with this the iron becomes weak and fragile. Mold and mildew may not have the same damaging effect to the structure, but its effect takes toll on a person’s health.

It’s not rocket science but there is definitely some science to it. Rust forms due to the chemical reaction of iron to oxygen, rust is a colloquial term but formally it is known as iron oxides. Once iron is left exposed to open air (where oxygen can be found) without a form of coating or protection, rust, that red-orange accumulations are seen. Rust also forms due to exposure to chlorine, as in underwater situations where little oxygen is present. Both exposure, with or without oxygen can cause rust formation.

Molds are often seen from foods left unattended or warm areas such as carpets that were ‘vacuum forgotten’. Molds are fungal growths, and they can be found in damp, moist dark areas of your houses or storage rooms. Spores from this fungi eventually become dust, however if left untreated, spores from these fungi can become a health hazard. Studies have found out that these spores can cause allergy and respiratory problems. Mildew are also a part of the fungi family, this type of mold is strongly related to a strong musty odor. Presence of mildews in a house or structure doesn’t only make it uncomfortable due to the odor; it is also linked to health conditions that involve respiratory problems.

So how do you prevent rust, mold and mildew odor?

The answer is quite simple when you know the science behind the formation of rust, mold and mildew. You should look out for products with corrosion inhibitors. These components prevent the corrosive process, putting a halt on the formation of rust (e.g. Zerust). For your mold and mildew problem, the next thing you should be looking for are desiccants. These are compounds that promote dryness by removing excess humidity. This is the right formula you need since molds thrive in a damp or moist environment. Removing that environment which promotes their growth, naturally eradicates them without harmful effects to us humans. Delta Adsorbents have an array of these desiccants to cater you your moisture problems.  Desiccants can also come in combination with activated charcoal, this component helps your home, boat, RV or storage fresh smelling even in high humidity.