Making Activated Carbon even more versatile

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Activated Carbon is a very commonly used air and water filtration media.   Activated Carbon is created through a process that takes a raw material such as coconut and heats it under extremely high temperatures until the raw material is burned down to carbon.   Through this process, a large number of pores are created.  These pores of the natural material allow for the adsorption of impurities from both water and air.

In addition to its ability to filter both water and air, Activated Carbon is also an appealing filtration media because of its composition.   Activated Carbon is chemically stable and non-toxic.  It can be safely used in a variety of applications within industrial and manufacturing.   The mechanical hardness of the activated carbon enhances its adsorption ability making it very effective in removing impurities from liquids and gas.

Traditionally activated carbon is bought in bulk in either granule or pellet form.   The granules or pellets are used to fill filters or adsorbers for large-scale applications such as industrial wastewater treatment and industrial plant emissions.   Companies can replace the granules or pellets to optimize effectiveness of the filtration and spent activated carbon is often safe enough to be disposed of in a landfill.

So how do you make such an already useful filtration media even more versatile?  With all the features and benefits, there is a lot of value in being able to use Activated Carbon in smaller scale applications. Activated Carbon Bags are the ideal solution.   Filled with activated carbon, these fabric bags can be placed in shoes, closets, drawers, vehicles, bathrooms, and offices to remove odors and dehumidify.  It holds the same characteristics as the bulk media but is shipped ready to use.   Activated Carbon Bags are sold in pairs and available in 200 gram and 500 gram.  The 200 gram bag can cover a space approximately 90 square feet and the 500 gram bag is suitable for a room about 250 square feet.

Activated Carbon is a versatile, safe, and effective air and water filtration media.  We can help you find the right Activated Carbon for your application.  Contact us today!