HS Cannablend Cannabis Filtration

March 23, 2020

How Cannablend Can Benefit Cannabis Cultivation

The legalization of cannabis in numerous states has kick started a growing industry of cannabis production. Cultivation centers and dispensaries are now becoming more prevalent in local communities. In order to abide by Best Management Practices set forth by state governments, many cannabis companies are addressing the issue of odor control. Delta Adsorbent’s Cannablend material can be a useful form …

Activated Carbon Mesh Granular

March 28, 2019

Using Activated Carbon for Odor Removal

Activated carbon (charcoal) has proven to be a very efficient tool for removing undesirable odors in confined areas. The surface area of activated carbon allows the media to effectively absorb organic compounds.  First, carbon is heated to very high temperatures through steam activation.  This process then increases the surface area to absorb odors. The unwanted odor enters through pores and …

Cargo Dry Plus

November 21, 2018

Cargo Dry for Residential Applications

Though desiccants are more commonly used for bulk applications such as shipping containers or packaging, moisture control is important for residential applications as well.   Excessive humidity can cause wood floors to warp and dry wall to mold.  Constant moisture can also create an odor on clothing, furniture, and carpeting.  Thankfully, protecting the assets in your home is simple. Areas such …

Cargo Dry Pak Plus

November 11, 2018

What is “container rain”?

Shipping is a large industry across the nation.   Products are transported through various methods to include water and truck.   Regardless of the mode of transportation, all containers are susceptible to moisture.   The moisture content of the air during load as well as the temperature during transit both impact the moisture level in the shipping container.   Moisture trapped in the container …

Boat Large Dry Kit

October 2, 2018

Protecting your investment from moisture

Managing humidity levels inside your home has more benefits than just providing a comfortable temperature.  Water vapor in the air can wreak havoc on your homes’ assets such as electronics, clothing, and irreplaceable items such as pictures and documents.   Delta Adsorbents specializes in a variety of products that can help homeowners minimize moisture damage to their assets. It’s highly recommended …

Activated Carbon 4mm Pellets

July 15, 2018

Air Filtration Applications of Activated Carbon

Pollutants in the air can be outputs of industrial manufacturing processes or can form naturally.  Contaminants released into the air and created as a result of industrial processes are regulated by the Clean Air Act.  Companies are responsible for having the necessary filtration systems to control pollution emitted into the air. When Activated Carbon is incorporated into filtration systems at …


March 20, 2018

Organoclay Helps Industries Meet Water Regulations

Each year brings on stricter regulations to keep water free from toxic levels of contaminants.   Industries that produce wastewater are accountable to adhering to these regulations and keeping our environment safe.  Water filtration systems are imperative in any industrial operation that involves water that will become effluent. An efficient water filter media often used for wastewater treatment is Organoclay.   Its name …