What is Gas Phase Filtration Media?

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Gas Phase Filtration Media

The gas phase filtration media is the substance installed inside the filters to purify the air in the surroundings. Substances like activated carbon and sodium permanganates are widely used as Gas Phase Filtration Media. The media is found in the form of small porous pellets that are filled inside the filters before running the equipment. These pellets are made of binders and activated alumina or other elements. The sodium permanganates are widely used as media as it boosts the adsorption rate for a longer duration. The filtration media generally targets contaminants such as sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, organic acids, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, VOC’s, etc.

Benefits of Using Gas Phase Filtration Media for Air Purification

  • The media is non toxic and does not have any harmful effects on the health.Gas Phase Filtration Media filters contaminants from the air.
  • The strong chemical in the filtration media does not promote the growth of germs and other microbial organisms inside the filters that can otherwise get spread in their air and have hazardous effects on the health when the equipment is working.
  • Under no circumstances will the media release the harmful contents that are stored inside the filters safely.
  • Tested and approved for safe installation and disposal after using.
  • Gas phase filtration media effectively remove the odors from rotting food.Materials like activated carbons not only purify the air from the impurities, but also serve as an agent to remove bad odors which is effective in the transporting and storage of fresh fruit and vegetables, and flowers.

The media does require periodical replacement and disposal. There is a certain limit to which it can adsorb the impurities from the air; on that limit is reached, the media should be removed and new media are installed. The used media is often not recyclable and has to be disposed. To ensure greater safety some professional can be contacted who will safely remove the media to be disposed and install new media. If you are trying to install it on your own, then use accessories including a pair of gloves, protective goggles, and a dusk mask to prevent inhaling directly as the media contains the toxic chemicals that have been adsorbed into it.

The filters generally have an indicator to show when the media requires replacement. Periodic replacement of the filtration media ensures best performance of the Gas Phase Filtration equipment. There are different kinds of substances that can be used as media in filters depending upon the nature of chemical concentration in the air of any particular area. The instructions regarding the suitability of the media in terms of humidity concentration and other associated information are provided with the products.

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