A Few Things You Should Know About Desiccant Air Breathers

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Air Sentry has led the industry by enhancing productivity, prolonging fluid life, reducing maintenance costs, and controlling expensive downtime. Today, its increasing popularity can be attributed to its functionality, which is surely going to redefine the contamination control process.

What It Is?

Desiccant Air Breathers are a result of a patented technology from Air Sentry. Air Sentry breathers are designed to replace the breather cap or air filter on gear boxes, hydraulic fluid reservoirs, bulk storage tanks, oil drums, oil-filled transformers, and other fluid reservoirs. Air Sentry desiccant breathers adsorb water from the air before it enters your fluid system, and remove particulate contaminants as small as 2 microns. With its use, you don’t only maximize productivity, but also extend the functional life of the equipment.

Why It Is Important?

There are many reasons why Desiccant Air Breathers are important, including achieving the cleanliness, and dryness that is preferred, making routine inspection and preventive maintenance easier; as it prolongs the functional life of your equipment, and prevents lubricant contamination among others.

How Desiccant Air Breathers Work?

First, contaminated air will enter through the top and pass through a self-cleaning filter, which has the ability to trap dirt as tiny as 2 microns. It prevents any further entry, protecting the equipment from potential damage. The air passes through Silica Gels, which adsorb moisture. From there, 95% of water vapor is already filtered. As it continues towards the bottom, another filter additionally cleans the air, to prevent entry of harmful particles in your equipment. Initially, the color of the Silica in Desiccant Air Breathers is gold. When it turns to dark green, it means a Replacement Cartridge is needed.