Activated Alumina AA400G Fluoride / Arsenic Removal

Activated Alumina Water Treatment Products are adsorbents which remove contaminants on a combination of chemisorption and physisorption and particulate (or physical) filtration for the removal of metal contaminants from water. Activated alumina, with its many types of adsorptive sites and high surface area, is the perfect choice for the adsorption of various unwanted minerals in water, with proven results for arsenic, high levels of fluoride, copper, zinc, lead and phosphates. There is also the potential for chromium, silica, selenium and mercury.

Activated Alumina Arsenic Removal

In areas with high natural concentrations, arsenic causes arsenic poisoning, as well as having been identified as a contributing factor for different forms of cancer. The identification of this problem has precipitated the lowering of MCL levels in much of the world from 50 ppb (parts per billion) to 5 ppb or less. Used with regeneration, activated alumina was the accepted best technology when compliance levels were less demanding. New requirements needed to be developed for higher uptake capacity and the ability to remove arsenic cost-effectively without regeneration or creating hazardous waste requiring special handling.

Alcan’s attention was drawn to the situation in India and Bangladesh. Rural areas had very high levels of arsenic in their water, yet lacked the means to build large public water systems with regeneration. Alcan designed an iron enhanced activated alumina, ActiGuard AAFS50, to increase the arsenic adsorption capacity while maintaining all of the physical properties necessary to work effectively in a wide range of conditions.

AAFS50, a globally patented iron-enhanced activated alumina, is a highly effective low-cost adsorptive material. It has been identified by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality as the most cost-effective technology for arsenic removal. Currently, it’s being used globally for spring water bottling, point of use and point of entry, as well as small public and municipal systems. It is also being used in simple, small, gravity-feed domestic units in Asia where the requirements are 7-10 liters per day per individual.

Activated Alumina Fluoride Removal

Fluoride is generally felt to be beneficial for dental health at levels up to 1.5 ppm (parts per million). However, at higher levels it has been linked to fluorosis, causing debilitating bone structure disease, as well as discoloration and mottling of teeth. Fluoride at harmful levels occurs naturally in many of the same regions as arsenic in ground water. Alcan provides ActiGuard AA400G, an activated alumina product, for fluoride removal. Due to the higher levels of fluoride as compared to arsenic, regeneration is usually required to make it cost-effective. Promoted products can be provided for applications where regeneration isn’t feasible.

Activated Aluminas for Potable Water and a Cleaner Environment.

  • Lowest cost per 1,000 gallons generated by high capacity and low cost per cubic foot.
  • Robust material will not deteriorate with backwash.
  • Works across a broad range of water chemistries.
  • Iron levels do not affect the arsenic capacity.
  • Landfillable, disposable without any hazardous wastes.
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI standard 61, and successfully completed an EPA ETV project.