Adsorbents & Absorbents…Understanding the Difference

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Adsorbents or Absorbents?

adsorbent or absorbent

While air flow is critical in controlling moisture, it does not fix every situation especially within sealed containers where mold and mildew can easily grow. There are a multitude of products out in the market, but understanding their role is key to using them effectively. By definition, an adsorbent better known as a desiccant is a chemical substance such as silica gel that attracts moistures and holds it like a magnet on its surface; while an absorbent soaks up moisture through its capillaries and swells with the retention of the liquid such as in a paper towel or sponge.

So when is the best time to use them? First you have all seen those funny little packets when you buy something new…those are desiccants and they adsorb moisture. Any humidity that gets left within electronic equipment packaging, leather goods, or possibly a safe will be drawn up by the desiccant along its surface. Thus the larger the surface area of the packet, the greater amount of moisture control; plus if dried out using heat, they can be re-used.

An absorbent is best employed to clean up after spilled water acting as a diaper to suck up the puddle of liquid; however any remaining dampness can be effectively adsorbed by a desiccant to remove the chances of mold and mildew that develops from trace amounts of moisture left behind in a tub or drum.

Next up…Almost time for boating and RVing, how to keep your toys odor and moisture free.  Contact Delta Adsorbents for more information and solutions on controlling moisture in your home, business, and more; they have a complete line of desiccant products to meet your needs.