Air Barrier versus Vapor Barrier

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Control moisture by allowing it to escape.

Air barriers such as a house wrap will reduce air infiltration giving a better R-value to the home, but water vapor can escape to avoid mold and mildew resulting inside the walls.

In construction, vapor barriers such as plastic sheeting are used to diminish condensation building up within the structure; the placing of these barriers is depended on the climate settings. In a warm atmosphere, it will be on the studs facing outward so condensation does not accumulate within the wall studs or insulation; in chilly atmospheres, it will be on the inward side of the studs for the same purposes.

The air barrier and vapor barrier each serve a specific function in controlling moisture within the home.

This same rule applies to packaging; metal parts and tools need to be protected from vapor condensing, causing rust and corrosion to develop.  Zerust® ICT®510-SRK film is saturated with vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI); water cannot penetrate nor can it develop inside the packaging. This extends the life of the components and increases shipments yield rates.

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