Handy Tips for Traveling Smart

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Unless you are traveling in a huge SUV and have the luxury of bringing the kitchen sink, think about what you will be doing while away…

  • What clothes are really necessary?
  • What will I wear on my feet when not out & about?
  • How much walking will I do?
  • Where am I going to be the most, outside or inside?
  • Is my stuff subject to the elements, do I need a solution for controlling moisture?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when planning what to bring on your travels; below are some helpful tips for packing smart.

Don’t pack items designed for a single purpose; instead build your wardrobe that can be dressed up with a few added accessories if needed.

  • Make your clothes items mix and match to create multiple outfits from fewer clothes; don’t get caught up thinking its necessary to wear a different outfit each day.
  • Clothes made with travel friendly fabrics are a bonus; no wrinkles to contend with and they are easy to wash and dry.
  • Not sure about the weather, than pack clothes that can be layered; you can adjust your layers based on the temperatures for the day…regardless if it is hot, cold, or somewhere in between.

Pack pre-portioned amounts of laundry detergent and softener plus at least five dollars in quarters, doing a quick load midway on the trip equates to less clothes to pack. Bring a laundry stick in case of a minor mishap; don’t let spaghetti sauce be your undoing.

The fewer luggage bags the better…especially when boarding a plane or train. The less you have to manage means more time to focus on the fun.

  • Packing light means you can bring all your stuff onboard with you, which lowers the possibility of lost luggage.
  • Maximize your packing space by rolling your clothes instead of folding; it is amazing how much space can be made with this simple tip.

Plastic zip bags are great for organizing and can be purchased in multiple sizes: from mini to XXL.

  • Use them to segregate clothing, toiletries, or whatever. Compressing the air out is another excellent way to save space.
  • If you are a frequent traveler, you can have a stash of toiletries ready to go at a moment’s notice. Splurge on TSA approved size containers, take the guesswork out of packing the right size plus buy the ones equipped with spill-proof caps.
  • Using plastic zip bags also are good when traveling outdoors a lot; your stuff will remain dry no matter the weather. Drop in some desiccant packets to diminish any moisture buildup.

Packing a few dryer sheets in your bag is an inexpensive way to keep your clothes smelling laundry fresh.

If you are a shopper on vacation, than be prepared. You have a couple of options:

  • Source out the local shipping office…at the end of your excursion; you can box all of your treasures to be shipped directly to your home via ground. Airline fees for the extra pack weight may be an incentive for using this tip
  • On a tight budget and buying little, than pack some bubble wrap. It will make room for the inevitable purchase and provide protection on the return trip.

The more you plan ahead the better, be proactive and pack days ahead; give yourself time to fine tune your packing plan. You may have forgotten something really important like medication. Following these tips will help you to leave stress and the unnecessary gear at home; enjoy your vacation!

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