Is Activated Carbon used for absorption or adsorption?

tkdigitalAdsorber, Delta Adsorbents

What does Activated Carbon do?

Activated Carbon is also broadly used in air and water purification applications.  The pores of Activated Carbon are also ideal for adsorbing odors and organic chemicals.  The large surface area of Activated Carbon offers an effective way to rid large volumes of air and water of unwanted chemicals.  Activated Carbon can contain base material such as coal or coconut shell; each effective in particular applications.  Coal-based activated carbon performs well for a broader range of contaminants and concentrations.   Activated Carbon with a Coconut Shell base perform better with lower concentrations.

How is Activated Carbon used?

Activated Carbon is often used in filters such as water filters.   The media is placed in a filter or an adsorbers for use in air and water.  Carbons also come in different sizes to meet specific application needs.  Smaller sizes of Activated Carbon are used for liquids where as large particles of Activated Carbon are effective for air purification.  The flow rate of the air or liquid will also help determine the best size of Activated Carbon to use.  Many factors will need to be considered to know how much Activated Carbon to use as well as how long it will last.

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