Moisture control for storage!

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Control moisture and odor!

If you regularly store vehicles, items in storage units, money and other valuables moisture is always a big problem factor. Luckily there is now a moisture control system that you can use to prevent corrosion, mildew and damage to your valuables even when they are stored over a long period of time.

The Desiccant Dry Kit was designed specifically to keep moisture out of homes, storage units, safes, and stored vehicles even when they are left over several months.

The Dry Kit moisture control system absorbs moisture from the surrounding air preventing odors, mildew and rust. If you regularly experience problems with odor in mildew when you store items over a long time span, utilize the Desiccant dry Kit or a series of dry kits to remove moisture from your stored items.

These kits remove moisture from the air by eliminating humidity in a damp and moist environment. Removing dampness from the environment completely inhibits the growth of mold and mildew as well as corrosion which can occur over long periods in storage. With desiccants combined with active charcoal you can keep your home smelling fresh and all of your items smelling fresh even when they are In a high humidity environment.

By placing a moisture Kit in a sealed environment like a safe , vehicle or storage bin you can control the humidity as well as monitor the humidity with a special humidity control card. This control card is the best way to monitor the moisture in your stored items and to help you know when it is time to replace the moisture control kit. Overall these kits can last over several months for humidity control our kits use varying controls of Desiccant to match your requirements but it is possible that for large storage units you may want to use several moisture control kits to adequately control the environment.
Rather than risk your valuables use moisture control kits to reduce damage and odors today.