Organoclay Helps Industries Meet Water Regulations

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Each year brings on stricter regulations to keep water free from toxic levels of contaminants.   Industries that produce wastewater are accountable to adhering to these regulations and keeping our environment safe.  Water filtration systems are imperative in any industrial operation that involves water that will become effluent.

An efficient water filter media often used for wastewater treatment is Organoclay.   Its name is derived from its ability to successfully remove organic compounds from water.   Traditional Organoclay has a clay base but Delta Adsorbent’s Organoclay is Zeolite based.   The surface of the Zeolite has a honeycomb structure that stays intact during the filtration process. Compounds such as oil and grease are absorbed into the Zeolite’s volcanic material.  Zeolite based Organoclay can absorb about 70% of its weight in hydrocarbons.
Industries that would benefit from using Organoclay are process industries that introduce oil and grease into water during their manufacturing.   As a more efficient solution, these industries should install organoclay upstream in their system to prolong the lifecycle of additional filtration processes and media.   Though Organoclay is more often used as a preventative method, it can also serve as a remediation solution for treatment of groundwater such as environmental spills or landfills.

Organoclay water filtration media efficiently removes contaminants but allows beneficial electrolytes to remain. Delta Adsorbents offers a variety of Organoclay combinations that are cost effective in wastewater treatments.  Contact us today and we will recommend the best solution for your filtration needs.