Protecting your investment from moisture

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Managing humidity levels inside your home has more benefits than just providing a comfortable temperature.  Water vapor in the air can wreak havoc on your homes’ assets such as electronics, clothing, and irreplaceable items such as pictures and documents.   Delta Adsorbents specializes in a variety of products that can help homeowners minimize moisture damage to their assets.

It’s highly recommended to store important documents in a fireproof safe.  Unfortunately, those products have a tendency to trap moisture with their air tight features.   Silica Gel is an ideal solution that can help reduce the moisture content within the safe.   Delta Adsorbents has an easy to use indicating silica gel that turns pink when the silica gel has reached maximum adsorption capacity.   You can simply remove the pink gel beads, heat the beads at a low temperature until they turn blue, and then can be reused again to trap moisture.

Closets are notorious for stale air and trapped in odors mainly due to the fact that most closets have no windows and minimal air circulation.  To keep your clothes free of mildew and odor caused by high humidity, you can hang Cargo Dry Plus strips in your closet. Cargo Dry Plus will absorb up to 158% of its weight in moisture.  They are environmentally safe to use in your home and are excellent at inhibiting the formation of mold, mildew, rust, and corrosion.

Activated Carbon is also effective in reducing odors in your home.  A 200-gram carbon bag will approximately cover a 90 square foot space and can be easily placed in a basement, attic, or dresser to eliminate odors.  Depending on the size of your application Delta Adsorbents sells Activated Carbon in individual bags ready for use or in bulk quantities of pellets or granules.

Delta can also help you protect your larger investments.  As you prepare to store your boat or RV for the off season, there are several steps to take to ensure your investment is protected when not in use.   Whether you are storing longer term through the winter or for a more temporary storage of a couple of weeks, you need to prepare your vehicle before it enters the storage facility.  Regardless of the length of time in storage there is one key factor you must consider: moisture.

Moisture can cause irreversible damage to your boat or RV.   If there are high levels of moisture during storage, it can damage electronic components and possibly impact the performance of your vehicle.  Moisture can also promote the growth of mold and mildew on surfaces and fabric.  Metal parts can begin to corrode if in contact with water or moist air.

There are several storage options for boats and RVs.  Outdoor storage is inexpensive but your vehicle will be susceptible to the weather elements.  RVs can be protected with a weatherproof cover and boats can be shrink-wrapped.  However, these covers will contain moisture within the vehicle.  Moisture is not a concern designated only for outdoor storage.  Indoor storage can also have fluctuations in temperature and can trap moisture.   Indoor storage, covers, and shrink-wrap will protect the exterior from damage but in any of these methods you need to prevent moist air inside your vehicle.

Before storing your investment for the season, make sure to thoroughly clean your boat or RV.   Remove unnecessary things such as life vests and bedding as these can contribute to the moisture levels.  Scrub down all surfaces and vacuum out dirt and dust.  When the inside of your boat or RV is clean, you are now ready to introduce moisture control products to minimize the moisture content.   Products such as Delta Adsorbents Dry Kits contain all you need to prevent too much moisture.  These kits contain desiccants conveniently packaged in individual bags to be placed throughout the vehicle.  The kit also contains a humidity indicator card to monitor when the desiccants need to be replaced.    The kits are available for either Boat or RV and are available in small and large sizes.

Protecting your investment is critical and with the Boat Dry Kit or RV Dry Kit, Delta Adsorbents has made it simple.  Contact us today if you have any questions about moisture control desiccants to protect your boat or RV.