What are Oxygen Absorbers?

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Oxygen can promote the growth of bacteria and fungi that can cause food to spoil.   Consuming food with bacteria can be harmful.   Oxygen Absorbers can prevent the growth of pathogens and extend the shelf life of food.  Oxygen Absorbers are non-toxic and inexpensive compared to the cost associated with throwing out contaminated food.

When looking for solutions to remove oxygen from containers, there are many options to consider.  Vacuum pack can remove air from packaging but it can be expensive and it can also damage or misshape the product in the packaging. Oxygen absorbers are small and can reduce oxygen levels to less than 0.01%.  Oxygen absorbers do not change the taste or quality of the food and are used in applications with food, pharmaceutical and medical diagnostic.

Delta Adsorbents offers a variety of Oxygen Absorbers.  Use our requirements chart to find the right Oxygen Absorber for your container size.  If you still are not sure of which Oxygen Absorber is right for your application, our experts at Delta Adsorbents can help.   Please contact us and tell us what your moisture control needs are.