Guardian Air Breather Accessories


The GUARDIAN Shield Wash Down Cap is for the most extreme conditions. It’s an extra protective barrier between your GUARDIAN unit and excessive dust and moisture. The GUARDIAN Shield is designed for environments where frequent wash down of equipment is required or for outdoor and mobile applications where wind and driving rain are factors. Covering all check valves in the top cap makes GUARDIAN well suited to prevent any high pressure spray or rain from entering.

GUARDIAN Shield is ideal for extremely dusty or dirty environments like mining operations or pulp and paper facilities. Excessive dust or sludge can settle on exposed surfaces and potentially cause check valves to clog or stick. Even in the most extreme conditions, the GUARDIAN Shield Wash Down Cap helps extend desiccant life. And it fits on Air Sentry GUARDIAN, X and XR series breathers.

  • Extends breather life
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Ideal for extreme conditions

GUARDIAN High Capacity Air Filter

Air Sentry is pleased to offer our new High Capacity Air Filter for applications where fine particle filtration is critical. The HCAF filters particulate down to less than a third of a micron, for true HEPA filtration. The pleated filter element holds substantial quantities of particulate for use in high dust environments, and the 0.3 micron filtration eliminates even bacteria size particles. This versatile addition to the GUARDIAN line up can be used as a stand-alone particle filter, or can be used in conjunction with a standard desiccant GUARDIAN for the ultimate in particle and moisture elimination.

  • High particle load holding capacity
  • True HEPA filtration
  • Ideal for dusty environments
  • Helps prevent bacterial
  • contamination of fluids
  • Keeps out particles and bacteria
  • down to less than 1/3 of a micron

Modular Stack Ring

Customize your breather with a Modular Stack Ring. The additional cartridge may contain silica gel, activated carbon or molecular sieve. These secondary agents protect equipment from caustic fumes, extend the performance range or increase the life of a desiccant breather. Connecting two cartridges of similar size reduces air flow 50%.