GUARDIAN Air Sentry Desiccant Air Breathers

Guardian Desiccant Air Breathers

Contamination control breathers protect your machinery and investments. Keeps productivity high!

The industry leader, Air Sentry, offers solutions for even the toughest of conditions.

Guardian Breathers by Air Sentry, was a pioneer in Desiccant Air Breathers check valve technology integration. In addition, replacement costs for customers were greatly reduced when replacement cartridges were first offered for their line of breathers.

GUARDIAN combines both of these technologies; check valve technology and low cost replacement cartridges to offer these best there is!

Air Sentry announces four exclusive innovations that will set new standards in desiccant air breather contamination control:

Tritan™ Construction: This patented material is the most chemical-, temperature-, and impact-resistant combination casing on the market.

Isolation Check Valve: Providing an isolation check valve, allows the adsorbent to be isolated from exhaust air. The benefit is longer service life of the desiccant while offering vital protection.

Integrated Compound Vacuum / Pressure Gauge: Guardians’ exceptionally precise indicator of filter conditions is an additional proprietary feature.

Stackable: Modular Stack Ring™ offers the ability to stack cartridges to increase the lifespan of air breathers further than ever before.