L-Series In-Line Low Airflow Desiccant Breathers

L-Series In-Line Filter / Dryers: Remove water vapor and solid contaminants from air exhaust lines, low pressure compressed air lines, vacuum lines, and other in-line airflow applications where clean, dry air is required. The L-Series breathers are available with 100% silica gel or activated carbon, or a combination of both, as needed. Air enters the filter / dryer in one end and is clean and dry when leaving the other end. Water vapor and solid particles down to 2 micron are removed. The L-Series is rated up to 60 psi and mounted on the regulated side of the air line.

This series offers these benefits:

  • Minimize rust and corrosion
  • Reduce component wear
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Prolong fluid life
  • Reduce oil oxidation
  • Eliminate fumes and odors

 Typical applications for  L-Series In-Line Low Airflow Desiccant Breathers

  • Air Exhaust Lines
  • Marine Vehicles
  • Vacuum Lines
  • Low Pressure Compressed Air Lines